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EyeC releases new artwork inspection software - ProofText

Hamburg, March 25, 2021. EyeC announces global availability of its new ProofText highly automated web-based text inspection software. ProofText is designed for initial artwork proofreading and revision control to assist creative agencies, prepress service provider, pharmaceutical manufacturers, FMCG companies, as well as label and packaging printers in accelerating the artwork creation and pre-press process, shortening proofreading time, and avoid costly mistakes.

“ProofText provides up to 50% faster total inspection time than comparable systems on the market due to the highly automated text matching process, best-in-class usability and an efficient evaluation,” said Dominique Elsen, EyeC Product Manager. “The core functionality of ProofText is comparing manuscripts to initial artwork documents like PDF or others to find and evaluate differences.”


Artwork Proofreading Made Easy

ProofText’s intuitive usability, intelligent algorithm, and innovative user interface together with easy-to-use tools allows any user to inspect and evaluate complex documents and artwork in an efficient way at any place, without extensive training. The quick check prevents gross errors in advance and avoids upcoming costs. ProofText is developed especially for text-heavy and multilingual artwork on products such as folding boxes, labels, leaflets, booklets, and flexible packaging. To ensure quality right from the artwork creation phase, live text (Unicode) from manuscript and briefing files (Word, HTML, QRD templates, and more) is compared with the initial artwork file or proof (PDF). The artwork revision control cycle is reduced by comparing live text of a PDF vs. PDF with different revisions. Text content checked by ProofText includes differences caused by deleted, inserted, or changed text as well as deviations in text styles (bold, italic, size, and font type). Multiple pages, documents, file formats, and languages can be checked simultaneously in one pass.


Virtual demonstrations now available Press Releas

Those interested in seeing a personalized virtual demonstration of the functionality, ease of use, and key features of ProofText may contact their local EyeC representative or EyeC directly at Sales@EyeC.de. Virtual demonstrations of EyeC’s complete product range for artwork and prepress inspection as well as for offline and inline control are also available.

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