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Arnaud Piat, winner of the Inspection Challenge

During Labelexpo Europe 2015, EyeC organized an “Inspection Challenge” and gave visitors an opportunity to win an Apple iPad. Participants were invited to manually detect defects in a print sample composed of four front labels and four back labels. They had three minutes to identify and circle the mistakes in the participation form.

Arnaud Piat, winner of the challenge

We are proud to announce that the winner of our challenge is Arnaud Piat.  Arnaud is a French graphic designer from the Agency Claire D.  He commented in an interview after being announced the winner: “This was a very interesting and innovative challenge. It corresponds quite well to a part of the vigilance necessary in my daily job.” Congratulations to Arnaud and many thanks to all the participants!

The limits of manual checks

Despite all the good intentions and concentration, none of the participants succeeded to identify all the defects contained in the sample. The challenge therefore made it once again clear that quality checks performed manually are not 100% reliable. Luckily the inspection systems offered by EyeC are there to help you perform more reliable, faster, and easier quality checks. “The software seems to be easy to use.” notes Arnaud Piat, who has seen EyeC systems in action during Labelexpo Europe. “In my opinion, it is an indispensable tool for any printer.”

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