Favorable response to EyeC print inspection systems at Labelexpo Americas 2018 - EyeC

Favorable response to EyeC print inspection systems at Labelexpo Americas 2018


At this year’s Labelexpo Americas in Chicago, EyeC showcased its wide range of print inspection systems for label and flexible packaging. In addition to their own booth, EyeC also exhibited an in-line system with Deacro Industries, for the first time. Two systems out of the EyeC portfolio, the ProofRunner and the Proofiler Graphic, were extremely busy during the whole event and attracted many visitors with their live performances.

As an in-line inspection system, the EyeC ProofRunner checks the print quality of texts, graphics, color, and foil embossing over the entire production run. As for the EyeC Proofiler Graphic, it is used for automated PDF-checks at the prepress stage and can be integrated for further automation into existing workflow software such as the Esko Automation Engine.

Very satisfied with this event, Dr. Juergen Klicker, CEO of EyeC-America, confirmed several orders for ProofRunner systems afterwards. Most of these systems are combined with the EyeC Quality Link option. This option enables printers to save the inspection data from the press, evaluate them at a working station and use them to remove any print defects at slitter-rewinders prior to shipment. Dr. Juergen Klicker adds: “The fast delivery, the close collaboration with our engineering department, our prompt and accurate technical support from our offices in St. Charles and Mexico convinced our new customers”.

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